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🧠 Interviews with B2B Fintech CEOs from Ramp, Brex, Modern Treasury and Arc that go deeper. Operator level depth. True Fintech Nerd goodness for your earholes.

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Concept: What happens when you interview the CEOs of a Fintech company category side by side? 

What if you went a layer deeper and asked the questions you've always wanted to know as a Fintech operator, founder, VC, or banker?

That's what I did.

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Season 1: B2B Fintech.

Who wins, Ramp, Brex, Mercury? Since the banking crisis, B2B Fintech companies like these have been big winners, attracting deposits, funding, and CFOs to the all-in-one platform for growth companies.

But they're all doing it very differently

I asked the CEOs the same set of questions, and the answers varied wildly. This first series is an MBA in B2B Fintech in 6 hours. I learned so much.

The season is 5 interviews, with a 6th episode where Alex Johnson, Cokie Hastosis, and I nerd out about the interviews. 

Why launch a podcast?

After nearly a decade of creating Fintech content and two decades in the industry, I had an itch to scratch.

I have incredible conversations with CEOs and founders that go to the operator-level depth, the kind of depth I'd love to have back when I was at a desk in a bank with a day job.

There’s only 6 episodes, and who knows when I’ll find the time to launch another series, but this was so much fun.

I loved listening back, and I hope you do too.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to be interviewed and the Dux Media team for pulling this together.

I’ll be back to regular newsletters this Sunday, but every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks you can expect a new episode of Season 1.

The first episode drops on Wednesday, 22nd May.

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