Fintech Brainfood's 2023 in Review

The Fintech Resurrection. A free 65 page report.

Hey Fintech Nerds 👋

I’m back!

Here’s something a little different to close out the year.

During paternity leave, I started to play around with a few bits I’d created for the blog over the year (while the newborn was snoozing). By adding titles to charts I already had it felt like a story was emerging.

So here’s some reading for the holidays.

Fintech in 2023: The Resurrection 📈

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What’s inside?

More charts and data than you can shake a stick at.

  1. Fintech: We are so back. Turns out it wasn’t just a ZIRP phenomenon.

  2. Embedded Everything. More complex financial products and customers.

  3. Banks. Rate normalization didn’t help. The new normal is the old normal.

  4. Big Tech. Slowly then suddenly eating consumer distribution.

  5. Crypto. Legal and regulatory action hasn’t stalled momentum. The opposite.

  6. Plus: My predictions for 2024, and way way more.

Here’s a sample.

Rumors of Fintech’s demise were over stated.

What about payments?

The regulatory squeeze on partner banks

You’ll find way more in the full report.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me during Paternity and the guest posts.

I’ll be back at it, Ranting, in January.

But hopefully, this tides you over.

As always, hit reply if you have any feedback or comments.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday season.

Until next year. 👋


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