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  • 🎧 Exclusive Interview: Ramp.com CEO on shipping faster & the company equation.

🎧 Exclusive Interview: Ramp.com CEO on shipping faster & the company equation.

On $>300m ARR in 5 years, being product obsessed and company metrics with Eric Gyman, CEO of Ramp

Hey Fintech Nerds 👋,

How do you build the fastest-growing company in Fintech?

In this first interview from the B2B Fintech series, Eric Glyman, CEO of Ramp, gives Fintech operator level depth on 👇

🧠 The Ramp philosophy on shipping fast

🧠 Figuring out the company equation

🧠 How Ramp leverages partners

🧠 What it will take for Ramp to win

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Why should you listen?

I have a schtick where I take screenshots of the Ramp product and show it to bankers. Because bankers can't be told what the future is. They have to see a competitor do it first.

Ramp has become known for its expense cards that "just work." While a few competitors are in this category, none have grown as quickly as Ramp. 

I put that down to obsession—an obsession with the details driven by North Star metrics like hours saved per user and dollars saved per customer. But how does that manifest as a product? 

As the old saying goes, it takes a lot of effort to make it look effortless. Never want to add a memo to a monthly expense again? Just hit the "make recurring" button.

There is so much to learn from how Ramp executes, yet such a challenging road in front of them. 

Today, Ramp is so much more than an expense card. It's one payment and procurement platform. Yet it has taken a downturn. It has famously not charged for key bits of the product, and it is in the single most competitive spot in Fintech, with companies like Mercury, Brex, and Arc snapping at its heels.

This wide-ranging conversation starts with Eric and Ramp, but I also wanted to discuss Fintech as an industry and whether it is here to stay in the post-SVB world. Or is it all just waiting to be acquired by JP Morgan.

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Who wins, Ramp, Brex, or someone else? Since the banking crisis, B2B Fintech companies like these have been big winners, attracting deposits, funding, and CFOs to the all-in-one platform for growth companies.

But they're all doing it very differently

I asked the CEOs the same set of questions, and the answers varied wildly. This first series is an MBA in B2B Fintech in 6 hours. I learned so much.

The season is 5 interviews, with a 6th episode where Alex Johnson, Cokie Hastosis, and I nerd out about the interviews.

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