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  • 🎧 Exclusive Interview: Arc CEO Don Muir on Compliance as a Competitive Advantage.

🎧 Exclusive Interview: Arc CEO Don Muir on Compliance as a Competitive Advantage.

Do growth companies want a relationship with humans when seeking capital or managing cash? 

In a world filled with CFO tools and giants like Ramp, Mercury, and Brex, what would make a new competitor stand out? 

In the third interview from the B2B Fintech series, Don Muir, CEO of Arc, takes through.

  • Compliance as a competitive advantage

  • What SVB and FRB always did well and their role in the Tech ecosystem

  • The gap they left

  • The power of a debt marketplace

  • Understanding capital markets for growth companies

  • How to compete when you've got bigger competitors

  • What it will take for Arc to win

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Why should you listen to this episode?

In the crowded world of B2B Fintech Neobanks and platforms, did the world need one more? In 2021 the peak of Fintech mania Arc launched and on the surface risked looking like just another B2B Fintech

Since then, their product velocity, growth and trajectory has made them stand out.

Their approach is unique. In the post-Silicon Valley Bank world, they have the advantage of arriving late and fixing the things others missed. Their core offering is a dashboard for startups for treasuries, operations and reserve accounts. This is a big bank like proposition, but with all of the features modern startups offer, in one place.

What caught my eye is their moves into lending.

Yes, they offer revenue finance and working capital, but they're pushing the boundaries with venture debt, asset-backed loans, and now, even helping their clients access third-party lending.

This is a curated white glove and full suite.

Can such a small company pull that off? Especially given their well funded, capable competitors who have a head start and traction? 

Coming this season…

Who wins, Ramp, Brex, or someone else? Since the banking crisis, B2B Fintech companies like these have been big winners, attracting deposits, funding, and CFOs to the all-in-one platform for growth companies.

But they're all doing it very differently

I asked the CEOs the same set of questions, and the answers varied wildly. This first series is an MBA in B2B Fintech in 6 hours. I learned so much.

The season is 6 interviews, with a 7th episode where Alex Johnson, Cokie Hastosis, and I nerd out about the interviews.